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For Spring Season, Young Athletes Get Back in the Game Despite Covid Risk

This spring, high school senior Nathan Kassis will play baseball in the shadow of covid-19 — wearing a neck gaiter under his catcher’s mask, sitting 6 feet from teammates in the dugout and trading elbow bumps for hugs after wins.

“We’re looking forward to having a season,” said the 18-year-old catcher for Dublin Coffman High School, outside Columbus, Ohio. “This game is something we really love.”

Kassis, whose team has started practices, is one of the millions of young people getting back onto ballfields, tennis courts and golf courses amid a decline in covid cases as spring approaches. But pandemic precautions portend a very different season this year, and some school districts still are delaying play — spurring spats among parents, coaches and public health experts across the nation.

Since fall, many parents have rallied for their kids to be allowed to play sports and objected to some safety policies,

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In Accordance With US Data, The Saudi Crown Prince Has Permitted The Assassination Of Jamal

The nation also did not take a look at as many people for the virus in April, so the death toll this month may very well be larger than the original knowledge reveals, epidemiologists warn.

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