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La parte del drama de Britney Spears que miles de personas están sufriendo

La última vez que Britney Spears compareció ante un juez, en junio, se enfureció cuando contó como la obligaron a recibir atención psiquiátrica que le costaba $60,000 al mes.

Aunque las circunstancias de la estrella pop y su tutela financiera son inusuales, cada año cientos de miles de otros pacientes psiquiátricos también reciben atención contra su voluntad, y muchos están acorralados por las facturas.

Para frustración de quienes estudian el tema, los datos sobre cuántas personas son hospitalizadas de manera involuntaria, y cuánto les cuesta, son escasos.

De lo que se puede recopilar, aproximadamente 2 millones de pacientes psiquiátricos son hospitalizados cada año en los Estados Unidos, casi la mitad contra su voluntad. Un estudio descubrió que una cuarta parte de estas internaciones están cubiertas por un seguro de salud privado, que a menudo tiene copagos elevados, y el 10% eran pacientes a los que se factura pero no pueden

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The Part of the ‘Free Britney’ Saga That Could Happen to Anyone

When Britney Spears last went before a judge, in June, she bristled as she told of being forced into psychiatric care that cost her $60,000 a month. Though the pop star’s circumstances in a financial conservatorship are unusual, every year hundreds of thousands of other psychiatric patients also receive involuntary care, and many are stuck with the bill.

Few have Spears’ resources to pay for it, which can have devastating consequences.

To the frustration of those who study the issue, data on how many people are involuntarily hospitalized and how much they pay is sparse. From what can be gathered, approximately 2 million psychiatric patients are hospitalized each year in the United States, nearly half involuntarily. One study found that a quarter of these hospitalizations are covered by private insurance, which often has high copays, and 10% were “self-pay/no charge,” where patients are often billed but cannot pay.

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Kevin McCarthy, Who Gave Tax Cuts To The Rich, Calls Biden Stimulus Bill Corrupt

Several international locations in Europe have imposed national bans previously few days, with more anticipated quickly to ease stress on already overburdened healthcare services.

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